SIU Able Seaman Becomes First Union Plus Mortgage Company Customer

As an Able Seaman for the Seafarers International Union (SIU), Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Peter Plathan does just about everything – from serving as a mechanic, handling the ship’s lines to docking, undocking, and even steering the ship.

Plathan’s road to the American dream began easily enough. He applied for a loan and was immediately pre-approved, enabling him to move on the house. However, as his paperwork moved through the underwriting process, Plathan faced a challenge that so many other union members confront: the nature of his work – a constant cycle of hiring and layoff tied to specific voyage-based assignments – disqualified him from ultimate approval for a conventional loan.

“I saw the Union Plus Mortgage Company (UPMC) ad online and got lucky, I called them immediately and was approved within two weeks. The thing of it is, UPMC understood my situation and my job. It was no problem.” said Plathan. “That made the process really smooth. I would definitely recommend anyone trying to buy a home to call them. Union Plus really showed me that they have the backs of union members. I’m so grateful.”

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