TSA Lead Officer Makes Safe Passage to Homeownership Through Union Plus Mortgage Company

“No matter what [airport] travelers think, I like turning the tables and delighting them,” said Chris Mercado, a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) lead officer and a Local 618 member of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

Based in Indianapolis, Mercado has been working with TSA for nearly 10 years. As a union steward, he’s a mediator, advocate and recruiter.

“AFGE organizers made joining easy. They told me about the union benefits up front,” said Mercado. “When I joined, [it] sold me so that’s how I organize new members.”

This deep love of AFGE benefits came in handy when Mercado’s wife Katelin, a manager of a storage facility where the couple received free housing, found out the facility was closing. They needed to find a new home as soon as possible.

“I immediately called Union Plus Mortgage Company,” said Mercado. “They got me pre-approved right on the phone and then they helped me every step of the way. Just 31 days later, I took the keys to our new house. I asked so many questions as we started shopping, and every time, Union Plus was there,” added Mercado.

As for his house, Mercado is grateful, excited. “We found this beautiful home and it is really the best for us,” said Mercado.

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